Fernanda González Viramontes Fernanda González Viramontes


Fernanda González Viramontes: a master in gender equity

Chapter 03

The power of centennials

Fernanda González Viramontes wants to change the world. Her fight is through gender equality speech, a topic on which she has written three books.

This centennial activist and writer meets with Juan Carlos Mora, Bancolombia’s president to teach him the meaning of micro-machismo and how to increase feminine leadership inside his company. Sebastian Yatra hosts this reunion where compromise, inspiration, and actions get together.

Juan Carlos Mora

President Bancolombia Group

Fernanda González

UNICEF Ambassador

Fernanda González

UNICEF Ambassador

González has an overwhelming speech that has been heard in many corners of Mexico and many other places around the world.

With her leadership and 15 years of experience, she has become a goodwill ambassador for World Vision and represents Unicef in the He for She campaign. However, all these recognitions are just the tip of the iceberg of what this young Mexican is. She started her battle against gender inequality at eight years old. This was no coincidence. When she was a little girl, she noticed that men and women were not treated equally; they didn’t have the same conditions or the same tasks at home and in society.

Empowered for an equality struggle

So she decided to tell those stories on Azul o Rosa, her first book, in which she illustrated micro-machismos that are present on our daily basis, on the streets, at the public transportation and also at schools. And that’s how her name has gained popularity within the Mexican national spectrum

Her knack for talking makes Gonzalez an activist, speaker, and author of two more books, Atención, ya estoy en las redes, where she writes about the risks that children face in the digital era, and Caminando juntos hacia la igualdad, in which she highlights the need of including men in this struggle that belongs to everyone.

Juan Carlos Mora

President Bancolombia Group

Juan Carlos Mora Uribe has been a banker for 29 years

Juan Carlos Mora Uribe is a man of extraordinary actions. He has been a banker for 29 years, and as the highest spokesman of ASOBANCARIA’s board of directors and Bancolombia’s president, he listens and is open to dialogue.

A man of aimed actions for women

To make it true, Mora has been following the Sustainability way. That’s why he coordinated Bancolombia’s entrance into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index –an index that evaluates the publicly traded companies performance in sustainability– where Bancolombia has managed to remain since 2011 until reaching the recognition as today being the most sustainable bank in the world.

Besides, his efforts have transformed Fundación Bancolombia, and have opened its innovative ways with channels designed to cover Colombia’s rural community needs, boosting modernization in the countryside, increasing its presence and contributing on people’s progress.

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