What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is an act of balance between, economic, environmental and social facts that let us build a endurable society on the future.

Sustainability means that all the acts that we make in the present, will be done, thinking ahead in future. That every decision that we make as an organization, as a country or as citizens, is intended to protect and generate value among community, in economic, environmental and social terms. For Grupo Bancolombia sustainability it’s more than just a corporate policy, it’s an authentic commitment to people, companies and the regions where we are present, and it allows us to build a lasting society for the future and a better world for everyone.

Jack Andraka

Winner of the first prize of the 2012 Intel International Science and Technology Fair.

What is the sustainability school?

It is a platform that let us inspire, raise awareness and sow considerations about economic, social and environmental impacts in the world, from different perspectives of people, companies and communities that apply sustainable practices, as they become authentic masters of the field.

With this platform, we want to inspire others to take actions around the endurance of the planet. Through different formats and ways of connecting knowledge and transformation points, we distinguish, in a confident and entertaining way, people’s, company’s and community’s roles in the application of sustainable practices.

Who are the Centennials?

They are a generation without labels, digital and ready for making big changes. Therefore, and encouraged to continue spreading their message, six of them will become the masters of The Sustainable School, and that way will show how with an open mind, and new ideas, it’s possible to break frontiers and stereotypes. That way, based on the work that each of them do in their country and in different fields, and the positive implication that this have on the Sustainable Development Goals, this centennials –born since 1993 according to a study of the National Statistics Office of Canada– have become in something more than referents. They are the voice that demands a world wide transformation and are example to follow for those who think about sustainability as the central axis for their activities.

Why we are a Sustainable bank?

For Bancolombia sustainability is part of its superior purpose. It’s a commitment, a strategic pillar and a guide for the accomplishment of well done business with people, companies and the regions where we are present. This quality has taken us to integrate sustainable practices in all of our organization departments, including the creation of a product and program portfolio that positively impacts our clients, employees, shareholders and the community. This way of thinking and acting has given us the Dow Jones Sustainability Index recognition as the most sustainable bank in the world.

Why we do it?

Thank you all, today we are the most suistainable bank in the world

Being the most sustainable bank in the world according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, implies our responsibility of mobilize, inspire and impact the communities where we are present. We enjoy generating conversations and lever up stages where sustainability is the main character.

Making long lasting and well done business, based on economic, social and environmental development, is part of our purpose and a guide on the financial business. For that reason, we created The sustainability school as a platform of content and knowledge that let us contribute for the change and the future of the planet, beyond our financial activity.

we are a sustainable bank

For Bancolombia sustainability is one of the most significant purposes. This intention has taken us to create a line of environmental business, climate change and eco efficiency strategies, boosting sustainable programs like In-Pactamos and BanCo2, to raise awareness actions such as The sustainability school and restructure all of the corporate processes to ensure a future that does not compromise next generations. This way of thinking and acting has given us the Dow Jones Index recognition as the most sustainable bank in the world.

Sustainable Development Goals ODS

The Sustainable Development Goals are a global agreement that was signed by 193 countries on 2015. Its purpose is to take action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure everyone´s peace and prosperity.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 objectives are a configuration of social, economic and environmental interconnected objectives that includes aspects such as economic and gender inequality, human rights, climate change, peace, sustainable consumption among other topics that have a purpose: leave a better planet for the future generations.