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Vincent Loka: a master in partnerships for drinking water

Chapter 06

The power of centennials

Water shortage is an issue that affects 240 million people around the world and Vincent Loka is not a stranger to this situation.

He designed a drinking water filter which has aims to avoid more people people going thirsty. With this solution in his hands, Vincent talks with Enrique Crespo, the CEO of Corporacón Multi Inversiones, a business group that leads Renace, a Hydroelectric complex in Guatemala. Sebastian Yatra guides this encounter that highlights ambitious projects, accompanied by alliances can make a difference and contribute to bringing drinking water to all.

Enrique Crespo

President CMI Capital

Vincent Loka

ONU leader for the Sustainable Development Goals

Vincent Loka

ONU leader for the Sustainable Development Goals

Vincent Loka (Medan, Indonesia), has been recognised as a UN leader and ambassador at the 2017 One Young World Summit.

His childhood was characterised by constant floods and problems caused by a lack of water. But everything changed when he was 22 and understood that the situation in his region was a worldwide issue that needed a solution. He therefore looked for a solution that would allow him to realise his dream of all homes around world having drinkable water.

He puts drinking water on people’s hands

He therefore created Wateroam, an enterprise which has launched three different drinkable water filters, which benefit more than 70,000 people in 23 Asian countries.

Designed for remote areas and regions affected by natural disasters, these devices can purify up to 800 litres of water an hour and have allowed many people affected by humanitarian crises to have access to clean water and sanitation.

Enrique Crespo

President CMI Capital

He has the desire to transform. For him, sustainability isn’t part of the business, it is the business.

Enrique Crespo has been CEO of Corporación Multi Inversiones for 8 years. This company is active in more than 14 countries and three continents, and has shown its ability to adapt rapidly to world needs.

He works with clean and responsible energy sources

he company’s flagship is the Renace Hydroelectric Complex, a hydroelectric plant which reaches a large part of Central America with its clean water and sanitation clean water and sanitation networks.

Based in the steep valleys of Guatemala, this complex is composed of various projects on the Cahabón river. From here, sufficient energy is provided to employ the more than 14,000 people who work to reach this universal commitment which means being sustainable.

Do it Yourself

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